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06 October 2022 Thursday

Welcome to Dynasty KO
OFFICIAL LAUNCH 10.07.2021 20.00 GMT +3
Server Rules
# OFFENSE Strike 1 Strike 2 Strike 3
1 Offensive Language (racism, family, religion or continuous insults) 1 day mute 3 days mute 7 days mute
2 Inappropriate Usage of Notice System 1 day mute King Removal / 3 days mute 7 days mute
3 Staff Impersonation Permanent Ban
4 Communicating with a GM using rude language. GM Discretion
Most mild sanction is at least 1 day of mute, repeated offenses can lead up to permanent ban or mute
5 Advertising (i.e. shouting in general chat) Third Party Websites, Tools or Private Servers 7 days mute Permanent Ban
6 Selling of KC, Accounts, and all out-of-game transfers in-game Warning,
3 days mute
Permanent Ban (in all accounts belonging to the seller)
7 Nation Points Transfer or Bug Abuse to gain Nation Points (NP) 50% NP Reduction 90% NP Reduction Permanent Ban
8 Payment Fraud Permanent Ban
9 Abusing bugs (including speed/wall glitching) for individual or team advantage GM Discretion
Up to GM`s decision and can lead to temporary or permanent ban on repeated offense
10 Editing game files (TBL, Objects, Zones) Up to GM`s decision (may lead to permanent ban or 30% NP reduction) Up to GM`s decision (may lead to permanent ban or 50% NP reduction)
11 Using 3rd Party Tools (aka illegal hack tools) Permanent Ban
12 Using illegal macro tools created specifically for KO
(Macros that react on screen color readings)
Warning 3 days ban Permanent Ban
13 Possession of a Bugged item, Hacked item or Stolen item. Temporary ban until all suspicious items and coins are deleted
14 Requesting another Player`s User ID or PW Permanent Ban
15 Shared or purchased accounts Will receive no Customer Support
and can lead to Permanent Ban
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